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Tag: Fruit

SweatyRocks Women’s Sexy Bikini Swimsuit Fruit Print Tie Knot Front Swimwear Set White M

Size chart Green/Yellow/White/Fruit-White : S:Bust:29.9-33.9″, Waist :26.8-30.7″, Top :11.4″, Bottoms :8.7″. M:Bust:31.5-35.4″, Waist :28.3-32.3″, Top :11.8″, Bottoms :9.1″. L:Bust:33.1-37.0″, Waist :29.9-33.9″, Top :12.2″, Bottoms :9.4″. Size chart Red : S:Bust:31.5″, Waist :25.2-29.1″, Hip :26.8-30.7″, Top :11.0″, Bottoms :10.2″. M:Bust:33.1″, Waist :26.8-30.7″, Hip :28.3-32.3″, Top :11.4″, Bottoms :10.6″. L:Bust:34.6″, Waist :28.3-32.3″, Hip :29.9-33.9″, Top :11.8″, Bottoms … Read more

Fruit Tile Stickers for Kitchen Backsplash,10″ x 10″, in Green,10-Pack

Give your home a lively and lighthearted feel with fresh fruit walls Stress-Free Decorating self-adhesive tile with fresh fruit design Create a unique focal point between your cabinetry and countertop as a back splash. These can be installed on top of any sleek and clean surface and eliminates the use of messy adhesives and complex … Read more