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Andy’s woodworking 3 D Tumbling Blocks cutting board, end grain, wooden

This a very hardwood cutting board Just treat it with mineral once in a while You can wash it off and, as with any other wooden board, I would NOT put or soak in dishwasher. It weighs 4 lbs and measures 10.5 X 14.75 X 1″ thick. This is made with care and quality that … Read more

Andy’s woodworking 3 D levitating blocks Cutting Board

I make many 3 D and some edge grain boards. Also I make exotic crush and grind salt and pepper mills.I only use exotic and domestic hardwoods. The hardness scale for wood is called the Janke scale 0-5000 with hardwoods starting at 1000 which is about where walnut is. I work with woods that go … Read more