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Steak Knives From a Cut Above Cutlery

REVIEW: Steak Knives From a Cut Above Cutlery – Set of 6 Stainless Steel Wood Handle Knives in a Wooden Gift Box – Black

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14 Responses so far.

  1. Jeremy Ashton says:

    really nice set 🙂

  2. Gabriel Nica says:

    good knives! I like steaks 🙂

  3. Kim Cương says:

    lovely gift set

  4. Ernestina Willer says:

    Everybody needs good reliable knifes like these in their kitchen!!!

  5. Kevin Hirsch says:

    It's time to get a good set of knives!

  6. Amelia Florence says:

    Great to be able to keep them in the lovely box.

  7. Kris Tanariyakul says:

    Look like a great product!

  8. Sarah Johnson says:

    mmmm, look good

  9. Rumen Bakalski says:

    Great knife.

  10. Richard Hochman says:

    Looking really good.

  11. Mal Knowmann says:

    Hey guys;)- Can you add any link in you description or video where can I purchase it,please?;)

  12. Mal Knowmann says:

    That is cool idea for a gift 😉 sharp knife most important thing in the kitchen 😉

  13. Tomasz Malinowski says:

    Looks very durable

  14. Sarah Jenkins says:

    Great video! They look like great knives!

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