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Oversized Large Bamboo Kitchen Cutting Board – Single Handled Thick Oversized Wood Cutting Board – Best Cutting Board for Carving, Butcher Block, Kitchen, Vegetable Board 16 x 12 x 0.9 Inch

Meet the Aonoog bamboo vegetable cutting board. This beautiful multi layered and striped cutting board belongs on the kitchen counter and makes your kitchen complete!

✔ Versatile Use

With its solid single handle this cutting can be used as a cheese board, epicurean cutting board, bread board and food platter board. Cut your fruits, ham, meats and cheese in the kitchen on this cutting board then serve it to your guest in the living room

✔ Size

16 x 12 x 0.8 Inch and weighs 1.5 kg. Perfect sized cutting board for everyday use.

✔ Quality and Durability

The only multi-layered bamboo board on Amazon! This board is heavy duty and can withstand heavy chopping or be used a butcher block for cold cuts and meats.

✔ Gentle On Knives

Bamboo is a strong and dense as hardwood, but unlike marble or plastic cutting boards, it won’t dull your kitchen knives

✔ 100% Money Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction with our cutting board is guaranteed for a lifetime. This cutting board will exceed all of your expectations or we will refund your money. That’s our promise.

Product Features

  • [MULTI LAYERED BAMBOO FINISH] – This multi layered bamboo XL chopping board can be used in a professional kitchen setting. The multi-layering makes it much more durable than regular cutting boards [SIZE] – 16 x 12 x 0.8 Inch and weighs 1.5 kg
  • [NON-GROVE FOR EASY CLEANING] – easily clean this smooth surfacde wooden cutting board, no need to reach for those hard to clean grooves. Simply clean this cutting board with one simple motion to make sure your cutting board is Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Microbial
  • [ECO-FRIENDLY AND BIODEGRADABLE] – Made with 100% Premium Organic Bamboo Wood, this cutting board is environmentally friendly with no added dyes or stains. Keep your kids and family safe with this toxin free and anti bacterial kitchen utensil.
  • [BEAUTIFUL DESIGN] – Gorgeous inner dark with light lining stripe design that belongs on your counter top, not in a cupboard. You wont believe how gorgeous this cutting board is until you see it in your home. Pictures simply do not do it justice.
  • [100% SATIFACTION GUARANTEE] – We understand that every customer’s expectation and needs are unique. If we do not meet your expectations for any reason please let us know and will do anything we can to make it right.

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  1. Emily L. December 8, 2017 Reply

    Solid Board for a Great Price! This bamboo cutting board is nice and thick. I love the two-tone color and the fact that it has a handle. I would recommend following the instructions though, and apply a food-grade mineral oil/cutting board conditioner before the first use. I was so anxious to use the cutting board (and didn’t have any oil on hand) that I used my board without first conditioning it. After I hand washed and dried it I noticed a few splinters already coming from the board. I would say this is because I did…

  2. Anonymous December 8, 2017 Reply

    For 30 years we get all sorts of companies sending us different stuff to try out on Jim Baugh Outdoors TV. Everything from boats, cars, fishing rods, camera gear, and now…a cutting board.Believe it or not, I am pretty excited about this because I actually did need another cutting board. This one is unique because eit is made of Bamboo. It is beautiful, lightweight, and very well made.I oiled it everyday for the first week and now she is good to go. You can see the clever in one of…

  3. Anonymous December 8, 2017 Reply

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