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BIQU GT2560 Controller Board with USB Cable for 3D Printer

GT2560 integrated Arduino nega2560 + Ultimaker and Arduino ga2560Me + Ramps1.4 all the features of the composition of body type small, compact arrangement of components, both are perfect to replace Arduino Mega2560 + Ultimaker Shield and Arduino Mega in software or hardware + Ramps1.4 combination. We redesigned the interface completely solve the combined board interfaces tedious troublesome issue, with a smaller volume compact structure and a high level of integration in case of installation features

Dimensions: 110 * 80 * 25mm
Net Weight: 90g
Power supply section: Operating voltage 12V-24V, dual power supply design, supply power to hot bed and and other parts by respectively, hot bed part support 15A current, the other part is 10A
3-way 12V fan output and PWM or other way for LED lighting devices
Three 55Amp MOSFET tube (with Led indicator, the actual output by the PCB and connector restrictions), configure three fins, making it more stable MOS transistor
Three-way division sensor inputs and recommended 100k thermistor
Dashboard firmware uses now the most widely Marlin, ease of use, functional stability all have good performance

GT2560 compare with Ramps1.4 + 2560
GT2560 has the following advantages:
1.Smaller size and save more space
2.Do not need to pack that make the link will more reliable
3.It could be able to use LCD2004 and LCD12864 without the adapter
4.MOS tube plus fin increase the heat sink capacity
5.Controlled fan controlled separately from the extruder
6.DIP switches adjust the drive segment

Package Included:
1*GT2560 Controller Board
1*USB Cable Line

Product Features

  • Set on Ultimaker and Arduino mega2560 function on a motherboard, in terms of both hardware and software perfectly replace the Arduino Mega2560 + Ultimaker Shield combinations, and the volume occupied by smaller, more convenient connections, higher stability
  • Using ATmega2560 as the main chip, with the use of high-performance USB chip FTDIFT232RQ
  • The main circuit adopts SMD fuse, power supply port for reverse protection diode, 5V USB power interface with the recoverable fuse protection 500MA
  • Support 5-way A4988 stepper motor drive (X, Y, Z axes are supported 1 and extruder support 2), use DIP switches to set the motor segment
  • With LCD / SD card expansion interface, you can link LCD screen and SD card expansion board for offline printing (supported LCD2004 and LCD12864)

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