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KINGPRINT KFB2.0 Controller Board for Reprap Mendel Prusa I3 Kossel 3D Printer


1. When energized, do not connect to the motherboard or replace the different module interfaces.
2. Pay attention to the Positive and negative of the wire.
3. Please check to determine whether the connection interface is correct, so as not to damage the motherboard before open telegram.
4. When in emergency occurs, please press the RESET button on the motherboard or disconnect.
Package Included:

1pcs * Controller Board
1pcs * USB

Product Features

  • The power buck chip using XL1509 chip, high efficiency, stability. Short circuit protection, 150KHz fixed switching frequency 2A current input 12 ~ 40V input voltage.
  • USB serial chip using CH340T chip, the largest 2Mbps, communication Stable, to solve the streamlined version of the Windows driver cannot be installed Problem, support for a full range of Windows, mac, liunx operating system.
  • The processor uses tamega2560 chip, 54 output to meet the various Output Interface.
  • Tantalum capacitor filter acquisition temperature, anti-interference, more accurate.
  • Heatbed MOS tube with F8736 chip, the maximum 18A current.

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  1. Anonymous November 27, 2017 Reply

  2. Anonymous November 28, 2017 Reply

    I like this board. There is little to no documentation on it, as of this writing, so it might be new. It’s really all you need for a simple 3D printer and you can’t go wrong with this price.It has all the features of a RAMP 1.4, all neatly tucked on one board. You still have to provide your same stepper drivers which seems to make this one step below the MKS Board. It does take 24 volt if so desired which makes this better then the RAMPS 1.4I uploaded the Marlin 1.0.x…

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