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Andy’s woodworking 3 D levitating blocks Cutting Board

I make many 3 D and some edge grain boards. Also I make exotic crush and grind salt and pepper mills.I only use exotic and domestic hardwoods. The hardness scale for wood is called the Janke scale 0-5000 with hardwoods starting at 1000 which is about where walnut is. I work with woods that go up to 4000. Most of my products are built to banded down to the next generation. The board measures 15 X 14.5 X 1.5 inches

Product Features

  • This board has hand holds and rubberized feet with stainless steel screws. If you would like one without these let me know, I have them. No charge difference either way.
  • This is an end grain type board and is made of quality hardwoods and waterproof, FDA approved glue.
  • The 3 D effect when you see the actual board and not just a picture, there is the illusion of the cherry block floating and casting a shadow which is walnut. Balance of board is hard maple

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