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Best steak knives I’ve ever had

Seriously, THE BEST.
Amazon page: http://amzn.to/1IVFDs8

This is an incredibly well made set of serrated steak knives that cut through even the toughest meat as easily as if I was cutting butter. I’ve gone through numerous brands of steak knives over the years, including Wusthof, but none that I’ve ever had compare to these Dalstrong knives.

No attention to detail or quality was spared when they made these knives – from the super sharp 18 degree angles on the serrations to the comfort and beauty of the design itself, everything is just superb. These steak knives are made from the highest quality of high carbon German steel, and the serrated teeth have an 18 degree angle on each side which makes them super sharp so you can easily make clean straight cuts every time you use them.

There’s no sawing needed and no tearing as you cut. It’s almost like cutting with a scalpel and just about as precise, and because of the hardness of the steel they used the serrated edges never need to be sharpened either. I really appreciate that because my current steak knives need sharpening just about every time we use them. Besides being sharp enough to make such clean slices without effort, these knives have a really good shape and heft that makes them really comfortable to use.

They’re full tang which means that the piece of steel they’re forged from runs the entire length to the end of the handle and the handle is triple riveted to the blade. That plus the quality of the steel makes these knives extremely strong and durable. In addition, the handles are made of fine Spanish Pakkawood that’s slightly curved which makes it really comfortable to grip. I find them very comfortable to hold and the balance feels perfect.

I love the detail work on these knives too – everything from the rounded tips so I don’t poke myself to their looks is impressive. They also come wonderfully packaged in a magnetic closing storage case which would make them easy to give as gifts as well. These are hands down the best steak knives I’ve ever owned.

Company webpage: http://www.dalstrong.com/#!gladiator-series-steak-knives/hhebj
Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steak_knife

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