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Accusharp 018C Knife and Tool Sharpener, Zombie Apocalypse

AccuSharp is joining the battle against the undead with the introduction of the AccuSharp Zombie Apocalypse Knife and Tool Sharpener. Never again shall the situation arise where your demise is met at the end of a dull blade. Never again will your knife’s edge be mistaken for the hands of a masseuse. With the AccuSharp Zombie Apocalypse Knife and Tool Sharpener, you will have the sharpest edge in just a few short seconds. Made with the toughest, American made, diamond-honed tungsten carbide blades imaginable, the AccuSharp Zombie Apocalypse Knife and Tool Sharpener will stand the test of time where your undead foe has failed. With just a few light strokes of the AccuSharp Zombie Apocalypse Knife and Tool Sharpener over the edge of a dull blade, your knife or tool will resurrect itself back to the life of a brand new product. Since 1984, Fortune has produced the easiest and most effective knife and tool sharpener made. The AccuSharp Knife and Tool Sharpener offer the living the best and one of the most affordable knife sharpeners on the planet. When you find yourself cornered and surrounded by the culminated living, you will need the No. 1 sharpener at your side to secure your well-being.

Product Features

  • The Last Knife Sharpener you will ever need – Literally
  • Commercial Grade
  • Reversible and Replaceable Sharpening Stones
  • Diamond-honed Tungsten Carbide
  • Safety hand grip prevents cuts

Comments (2)

  1. Burner November 23, 2017 Reply

    Sharp Idea

  2. David Pineda November 23, 2017 Reply

    Great purchase for those who have no clue or don’t …

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